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NG Legal, Here To Protect You!


Helping You Fight Traffic Tickets In Mississauga & Brampton

Get A Licensed Paralegal on Your Side

NG Legal is a provider of advice and representation for Highway Traffic Act and provincial offences. NG Legal has intimate knowledge of highway traffic and motor vehicle infractions offering clients cost-effective and qualified legal representation.

With experience, NG Legal offers professional and affordable legal guidance.

Mississauga Traffic Tickets Services

NG Legal can help you fight traffic tickets in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. NG Legal’s professional is a licensed paralegal and fully adheres to the rules and regulations established by the Law Society of Upper Canada. NG Legal’s professional is committed to providing the most cost-effective and sound legal advice.

Consequences of Highway Traffic Act Violations

The Highway Traffic Act details a wide range of traffic ticket violations. Getting a ticket or being charged with a traffic violation has serious consequences. It is always a good ideal to seek legal advice from NG Legal before taking a plea agreement or pleading guilty to the ticket.

If you are found guilty or take a plea agreement for Highway Traffic Act violations, they have an impact on your driving record with demerit points. If you get an excessive amount of demerit points on your driving record, your license can be suspended. Your insurance company could increase your rates.

Why Fight Highway Traffic Act Violations in Mississauga?

The primary reason to fight Highway Traffic Act violations is to attempt to get the ticket dismissed without having to go to court. When it is possible to get charges dismissed, it keeps traffic violations of the Highway Traffic Act off of your driving record and criminal record. Additionally, the monetary expenses of fighting your charges ends up being much less than simply pleading guilty or taking a plea agreement.

NG Legal focuses on traffic ticket and commercial vehicle infractions. For additional information about NG Legal or to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your traffic ticket or criminal charges, feel free to contact NG Legal directly today by phoning (647) 707-8447.

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